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 Distortion of Islam -Repentance by family members of prominent Tablighi Molvi


An article that appeared in the Muslim Digest of August 1975, pages 14 to 19. Reproduced for the benefit of young confused, sincere Muslims who may not know the reality. How the Wahabbi, Deobandi, Tablighi Jamaat mischief came to Southern Africa








HEREUNDER WE REPRODUCE the Tauba-Nama or Declaration of Repentance recently come to our hands, that the family members of Palan Haqqani had sent to Darul-Uloom, Shahe-Aalam of

Ahmedabad, India with a request that it be published in their monthly magazine "TAIBAH', which they did in their issue of December, 1974.


Muslims of South Africa will remember that during the year 1969 one, Palan Haqqani, of Vankaner, India came to South Africa on lecture tour. Muslims will also remember how he was responsi­ble for causing Fitna, dissention and disunity among the Muslim people here by even setting father against son, wife against the husband and sister against brother, through his condemnation of established Islamic practices and observances by Muslims In South Africa since the time they landed in this country from India over a hundred years ago.      


Nor, will the Muslim community of South Africa forget the pamphlet that was issued by 50 prominent Durban Muslims Challenging the 25 Natal Molvies (priests) to prove that all that Palan Haqqani had said against:

1.      Mouloud un-Nabi (Holy Prophet's Birthday) celebrations,

2.      Gyarahwin Sharif (Commemorating the greatest saint Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani)

3.       Ashura Day (10th Muharram) commemorations of The Martyrs Of Karbala in the Mosques

4.       The Ur’s celebrations of the Saints,

5.      The visiting of the Shrines of the Saints

6.       The recitation of Salaams to the Holy Prophet Muhammad,

7.      The recitation of Fatiha,

8.      The holding of Khatmul Qur'an in the Mosques, etc.,

was correct, after they had distributed pamphlets earlier con­curring with the views expressed by Palan Haqqani in his lectures. To this day none of the 25 Natal Molvies (Priests) challenged in the pamphlet has come forward to take up the challenge issued to them by the 50 Muslims of Durban.


MUSLIMS WILL ALSO NOT FORGET the startling statement by Palan Haqqani on MUSLIMS AND THE BEARD, and how Mr. A. M. Moolla, a Muslim Leader of Durban, who was thus constrained to make certain pertinent observations as published by us in the Ramadan Annual issue of November-December 1969 in his article entitled ‘Do Visiting Ulama Present the Real Message of Islam?’

On page 26 Mr. A. M. Moolla, stated among other things:

‘Very recently, one of them (a lecturer from India, referring to Palan Haqqani) actually told us that a Muslim who shaved off his beard is guilty of a sin against God, as serious as the Muslim who commits adultery! We, as reasonable beings, are asked by this great orator to accept such a statement as this. I for one cannot br­ing myself to believe it. For me, all my reasoning faculties say, 'No, THIS IS NOT PART OF MY RELIGION." (i.e. not to have a beard means that you are an adulterer).’


Another aspect of visiting ulama to South Africa was also touched upon Mr. A. M. Moolla in the same article, that is, the mercenary motives of these Ulama that come to the fore after all the pious exhortations given in their lectures have died down. To quote Mr. A. M. Moolla again:


"They come seemingly for our spiritual benefit, though it was not difficult to observe that the majority of them were less concerned about our welfare than about enrichment, by way of our donations, to their Institutions, or even of themselves. Many lecture tours are undertaken with this as the prime objective.'

 Palan Haqqani was no exception to the above indictment, who, despite calling the local Molvies as "Peth Bharoos" or "stomach­ fillers", was himself guilty of filling his pockets with money and maal (goods) before he left the shores of South Africa.


Now the moment of truth has come for Palan Haqqani with the Declaration of Repentance printed hereunder when members of his own family have denounced him and all what he stands for. The signatories to this Tauba-Nama must be complemented for the courage of their convictions and it is hoped that many more of the misguided, including Palan Haqqani himself, will see the Light of Truth and renounce the error of their ways and stop misleading ig­norant and unsuspecting Muslims.


We, the undersigned

(1) Katiya Ahmed Palan Haqqani,

(2) Hoorbai Jeewa Movrani,

(3) Katiya HyderaJi Ahmed Haqqani and

(4) Hanifa Banu Ahmed Haqqani of Vankaner, residing at Mill Plot, Vankaner in Saurashtra, have appeared before the Miyana Muslim Jamaat's Masjid Wakaf Committee at Madiya-Miyana , Saurashtra, to declare and present the following Declaration of Repentance:­

(1) We were misled through misrepresentations about the religion of Islam by our brother Miyana Muhammad Palan Haqqani, with the result that our beliefs became like those of the Deobandis and Tablighi Jamaats.

(2) For a long time (after this) we held these wrong beliefs, but now having heard the lectures of the Molvies (Priests) of the Darul Uloom Shah-e-Alam of Ahmedabad and by regularly reading the

"TAIBAH" magazine, we have realized that the Tablighi Jamaat and the Deobandi Jamaat are the enemies of our belov­ed Prophet (Peace be upon him, his family and his companions) and of his family, and his descendants, as well as of his Holy Com­panions, too. We also, too, began to have such wrong beliefs and for this we express our repentance and ask forgiveness of Allah and our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him, his family and his companions) We are confident that Allah will forgive us, as well as the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him, his family and his companions) who is Rahmatul-liI-aalameen (a mercy unto all the worlds) will surely forgive us. We are expressing these sincere feelings and our repentance in these words with feelings of concern in order to in­form members of our Miyana Jamaat, so that they have this ex­ample before them for future guidance.

We are hereby giving permission to the Miyana Jamaat: for the publication of this Declaration of Repentance in their monthly Magazine "TAIBAH".


Signatories To The Declaration Of Repentance By The Members Of Palan Haqqani's Family


(I) Ahmed Palan, (2) Hoorbai Jeewabhai, (3) Katiya Ab­dul Rahim, (4) H. A. Katiya, (5) Katiya Hanifabai Ahmed Bhai, (6) Katiya; Sarabai Ahmed Bhai, (7) Katiya Rukayyabai Ahmed Bhai, (8) Haroon Ahmed Katiya and (9) Katiya Roshan Ahmed Bhai.



(I) Paredy Hajee Allarakha, (2) Khamissa Khengar Ba­edani, (3) Movar Muhammed Habib (4) Movar Sadur Bawa and (5) Dawood Veer Khakhariya.




HEREUNDER IS REPRODUCED from the Kitaab (Book) ‘Jawahirul Hekam’, written by Maulana Mohammed Badre Aalam Sahib, one of the leading spiritual luminaries of Deoband, India, a HADITH which speaks volumes on the FITNA or mischief-making ULAMA of the latter days and their FITNA-making worshippers who congregate in the Mosques. The HADITH is quoted from MISHQA T as recorded on page 38 by BAIHAQI.

Hereunder is the URDU translation of the above Hadith by Maulana Badre Alam Sahib:

Hereunder is the English-translation of the Hadith from Urdu.

Hazrath Ali (may Allah be well pleased with him) narrates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him, his family and his companions) has said that a very dangerous period is coming nearer when Islam will remain in name only, and the words of the Holy Qur'aan will remain on pages only. At that time, you will find the Masjids (Mosques) full of worshippers, and will seem inhabited, but there will be no trace of any true guidance coming from them, and from this point of view, they (the Mosques), will be like deserted (being devoid of any true worshippers).

Their ULEMA (who will be seeking worldly benefits and would be devoid of any true knowledge) from among the dwellers (of the earth) below the skies, will be the worst propagators of FITNA and evil and they will be the ones from whom the FITNA and evil will rise, spread and come back (to remain) in them."


Hereunder is the GUJERA TI translation of the above HADITH.




Being an eminent Deobandi Aalim, Maulana Badre Aalam Sahib, has indeed rendered a service by touching upon the common trend of today's mischief-making Ulama and their fitna-making followers, as foretold by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him, his family and his companions) in his (Badre Aalam's) book "Jawahirul Hekam".


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