We have curated a list of websites that we recommend, please feel free to visit them below:

🔗 Khanqah-e-Habibia Soofie

One of the Khanqah’s of the Chisti Nizami Habibi Soofie Sufi Order.

🔗 Shaikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

Nuh Ha Mim Keller, American Muslim translator and specialist in Islamic Law. Born in 1954 in the north-western United States, was educated in philosophy and Arabic at the University of Chicago and UCLA. He entered Islam in 1977 at al-Azhar in Cairo, and later studied the traditional Islamic Sciences of hadith, Shafi’i and Hanafi jurisprudence, legal methodology (usul al-fiqh), and tenets of faith (`aqidah) in Syria and Jordan, where he has lived since 1980.

Discovered Wahabbis and Salafis changing Traditional Islamic Texts, like Sahih al-Bukhari etc.

🔗 Chishti

The teachings, the stories and the poetry of the Sufis, especially the Chishti Sufis.

🔗 Hizmet Books

Turkish Sunni Site

🔗 Holy Qur’aan

Translation of Holy Qur’aan by Ala Hazrath, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan teach one wanting to guide is a picture of piety. They are dressed with a kurta, turban and carrying a copy of the Holy Qur’aan. How should I proceed? Don’t look at the Holy Qur’aan but see whose hand it is in. Read Qur’aan guided by the Aulia.

🔗 Amir Khusrau Site

Beautiful site for lovers of Sama

🔗 Professor Tahir al-Qadri

Love him or hate him, he can sure give the message with excellent research.

🔗 Imran Nazar Hosein

As the war on Islam intensifies, and as the day approaches when the imposter Euro-Jewish State of Israel would make its bid to become the ruling State in the world, and the false Messiah (i.e., Dajjal) would rule the world from Jerusalem and declare that he is the true Messiah, here is one of a handful of scholars, who is not eating halva but delivering the message.