1440 الخميس 19 رَمَضان
Thursday Ramaḍān 19 1440
Thursday 23 May 2019
21 May 2019

Zakaat Nisaab: R 4412,83
Mahr Fatimi: R 11030.05
Minimum Mahr: R 221,59
24 carat gold: R 591.06g
22 carat gold: R 543,36g
18 carat gold: R 444,72g
Krugerrand: R 19299,99
Silver: R 7,20g
مالك الملك
(Owner of all Sovereignty, The Master of Kingdom)

The One who is sole owner, possessor and ruler of all kingdoms. The One whose ruling power and authority have no limit. The One who possesses all authority to act in any manner, at any time, in any way. The One who is lord and master over all worlds, whether manifest or un-manifest. The One who has all mastery and authority to decide what shall be created, what shall be sustained and what shall be cease to be.

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Truth is handed over from person to person; it’s not taken from books.

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“The great tragedy of modern religion is that it is now seen as a toxin polluting the waters of possibility. We who claim faith and commitment have too often made our faith the object of hatred. With our zealousness we have driven away countless people who see the worst aspects of people embodied in religion. For some of us it is easy to write them off as skeptics or secularists who just hate religion. The truth is, most of them are none of the above. They are simply people who intuitively know that such behavior is simply lacking in humanity, leading them to seek other philosophies to guide them.” – Sidi Hamza Yusuf


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The Holy Prophet Muhammad (who is perpetually blessed by God) the Refulgent Sun of Piety, Truth, Justice, Love, Selflessness, Wisdom and Beauty, who is the Last Prophet and Messenger of Allah to entire Humanity for teaching the Way whereby to combat all Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Economic and Political Evils and to achieve the Most Glorious and Comprehensive Success, and who accomplished what stands till this day as the Noblest and the Most Profound Revolution in human history through the Impact of his Superbly-Dynamic and Humanly-Perfect Personality and through the Holy Qur’ân, which was revealed to him by Allah to function as the Basic Instrument of his Abiding Mission.